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VCOM-W 1A for Permanent Installation

The VCOM-W 1A system is designed to be permanently installed in the nacelle of the turbine being monitored. This gives by far the most comprehensive coverage of drive train faults, and is the most common configuration for wind turbine condition monitoring systems. Whilst each installation is configured specifically to the actual application, typically it would consist of between 8 and 10 high speed vibration channels, a shaft speed probe, a turbine output power measurement and potentially further operational channels (depending on customer requirements).

The data is sampled at regular intervals using an on-board algorithm, which uses various ancillary measurements to determine the optimal sampling periods. Under normal circumstances, the output from the system is transferred via an Ethernet link to the site LAN, from where it is forwarded on to the point of analysis via the internet. The enclosure is rated to IP68, and all incoming and outgoing channels have comprehensive lightning protection.

Level of Protection

The level of monitoring provided by a permanently-installed system in each turbine is comprehensive. All of the major rotating components are monitored continuously, providing round-the-clock coverage for signs of degradation. This type of system is very reliable in detecting drive train faults at an early stage of development, long before they lead to a catastrophic failure of any kind.

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VCOM-W 1A Online System
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