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Ventech Systems offers a range of services in conjunction with our product range. All aspects of our different services are customisable to suit different situations, so please contact us if you have specific requirements.

Data Analysis

The primary service offered by Ventech Systems is the analysis of data generated from our data acquisition units, either permanently installed or portable. Whichever type of data is involved, our full analysis technology is applied to ensure that all the important features within the signals are identified and characterised. For permanent systems, the data is analysed ongoingly in order to identify all developing faults as early as possible. For inspection based data, we derive a full characterisation of the indications within the data. Feedback of the output is typically provided in a written report, with the addition of a web based interface for permanent systems.

Analysis of data from 3rd party systems is also possible. Please contact us so that we can discuss your requirements.

Collection of Inspection Data

As well as analysing data obtained from inspection programmes, we can also carry out the data collection programme if required. This could be as part of, or separate to, any other inspection programme being undertaken. The measurements acquired are then analysed using our standard methods as described above.

Gearbox and Drive Train Troubleshooting

It is sometimes the case that particular drive trains exhibit abnormal or recurring patterns of behaviour which are not easily attributable to a given cause. In such instances, Ventech Systems offers a troubleshooting service which can provide alternative/additional means of investigating the problem. This consists of taking dedicated measurements with our portable unit, which can subsequently be analysed in detail in conjunction with other relevant information. Using a very comprehensive set of measurements of this type often permits the identification of underlying causes where more conventional methods are unsuccessful.

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