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Technology innovation is at the heart of what we do. We have a long track record in the development of new and innovative condition monitoring technologies, and of implementing them in the field. We are constantly developing new methods and processes to drive forward every aspect of our products and services, so that we can continually improve the quality of the output we provide to our customers.

The technology of vibration based condition monitoring systems naturally divides into two distinct areas; the data acquisition process and the data analysis that is subsequently applied. Mostly, the focus for innovation is in the data analysis part, and the data acquisition technology is generally regarded as relatively mature. This is reflected in the fact that the core innovations that Ventech Systems is bringing to the market are concerned with our data analysis algorithms, which provide extremely high levels of fault detection reliability. You can read more about this on our Data Analysis Technology page.

We are also of the view, however, that there is still very significant scope for innovation in terms of the data acquisition process. It is important to remember that, if the raw data doesn't capture the basic defect signatures in the first place, no amount of ingenious signal processing will be able to extract them. So we are constantly refining the whole process, which includes not only the basic sensing and digitisation hardware, but a number of other factors including the number of sensors used, where they are positioned and the way the data is sampled. More information on this can be found on our Data Acquisition Technology page.

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